X | The Theme

X | The Theme by THEMECO is very popular wordpress theme on themeforest. Free Nulled Download link is below.

X The Theme Features

New layout element: Our new raw elent brings advanced layout functioanlity to a beautiful point and click experience.

Power building: The lovely new layout tab allows you to see all of your content in one simple view.

Complex. Easier: Flexbox got you down? We’ve abstracted much of the complexity to give you visual examples of using flex. Translated, you’ll be able to leverage some of the incredible flexbox functioanlity in a more visual manner.

Element api: In addition to several new elements, you can now map in your own elements thanks to the all new api!

Dark mode: Easy on the eyes. Slick new interface option dark mode is definitely the new black.

Undo/Redo: You know that sinking feeling when you delete someething on accident? It’s the worst. Worry no more with out all new action history.

Inline Editing: Create and edit text directly in the preview. This dynamic feature is powerful, elegant and ready to supercharge your site building powers! Even better, smart controls give you curated options based on the element.

Dynamic content: Pull dynamic content from WordPress, including data from WooCommerce, ACF and Toolset, then output it directly on your page.

Role Manager: Want a client to edit text only? Need a team member to only have access to certain elements? Set permissions for who has access to what with this wonderful new tool!

Customizable workspace: Vertical or horizontal? Locked or unlocked? Big or small? The workspace you know and love is now more flexible then ever.

Custom fonts: There’s nothing like a beautiful typeface to make your site sing! With out all new custom font uploader, you can create the perfect visual experience for your content and visitor!

Streamlined Settings: Customize your experience plus access all the important building tools in one place: colors, fonts, preferences and more!