Javo Directory WordPress Theme

Javo Directory. Join our best directory wordpress theme here. The most customizable directory theme. The most advanced and easiest directory wp template. Detailed options and features. Easy to customize in the real-time live builder.

Customize Your Site In Real Time

Javo theme is compatible with elementor page builder. You can build your site by real time live page builder. It’s almost all you can control by live (real-time) builders.

No More Fixed Templates

Most of themes are fixed templates including our old themes. However, it’s not fixed templates anymore. You can reorder, add, remove each features.

Pre-Designed Templates are Ready

Don’t get us wrong. You don’t need to build all. Pre-Designed templates are included. Once you imported you can modify or copy to other pages.

Added v3 Popular Pages

We have rebuilt and added popular v3 pages to the v4 for the old user. New users can also use old pages. This is provided as a service with a theme.

Basic Addons Included (Event)

Javo Directory is a rich theme which has many options. However, there are addons for advanced options. Necessary and popular addons will be included by free coupons.

Listing Detail Page

You can easily customize by drag and drop. Change layouts, colors, typo, meta and positions of each sections by drag & drop!

Map & List Style

You can customize the map page by drag and drop. Change position of map and filters. List first or map first. Change module or map colors.. etc.

Post Deatil

You can build your own post deatil page layout, color, typo, positions of all meta. You can set the template seperately for each post.

Post Archive (List)

You can create your own post archive page using the block widget. You just drag and drop the block widget and select the category!

Header, Footer

Anyone can easily and quickly create a header and footer with the elementor page builder. A single header and footer can be set in each page, post, and listing.